I have been trying for the last day or two to try and get the Profile Sync Service to run so that I can sync the user profile database in my SharePoint 2010 VM with my AD VM.  However I am getting nowhere fast!

The Profile Sync Service uses the Identity Management Sync Service, and one particular problem seems to be that when you start the Profile Sync Service and it fails for some reason the 2 Identity Management Windows services get changed to Disabled.

There are also no folders created within the “%Programfiles%\Microsoft Office Servers \14.0\Synchronization Service\MaData” path.

There may also be events in the Windows Event Viewer.

Here is the TechNet guide for setting up the profile sync:


I believe there are issues with the service accounts used and if they are not setup correctlywhen you first install SharePoint instance it can be a pain to get them right later on.   There may also be a problem if SharePoint 2010 is set up as standalone instead of farm.  I will update my blog as and when I find an answer but at the moment I am in the process of reinstalling SharePoint 2010 – as a farm! 

My advice to people installing SharePoint 2010 would be to check the Profile Sync Service starts OK  after the SharePoint install before doing anything else.  Also install Project Server 2010 after that if you intend to use the product.

UPDATE: I have just finished resinstalling SharePoint 2010 (using the ‘farm’ option), installed Project Server 2010 without a single issue, and have now successfully started the Profile Sync Service.

Moral of this story – DO NOT USE the standalone option even if you are on a VM and do not intend to add any more servers.   In fact I would recommend you stick with the farm option at all times.