I have found a bug in Project Server 2010 that will automatically show all subsites on the left hand navigation when you manually enter a link or heading in the Navigation settings for the server.

How to replicate:

  1. Go to Project Server 2010 home page
  2. Go to Site Actions
  3. Go to Site Settings
  4. Go To Navigation
  5. Under Current Navigation ensure there is no tick in Show subsites
  6. Click OK
  7. Go to Site Actions
  8. Click on New Site
  9. Select Microsoft Project Site
  10. Enter the new sites details and complete
  11. Go back to Project Server 2010 home
  12. NB: The new site should not appear in the Quick Links on the left hand side
  13. Go to Site Actions
  14. Go to Site Settings
  15. Go to Navigation
  16. Under Navigation Editing and Sorting click on Current Navigation
  17. Click on Add Link
  18. Enter details for any link and click OK
  19. Click OK to save the navigation
  20. You should now see the new link on the Quick Links as well as the existing site you created earlier.  This should not happen.

I have replicated this issue on a vanilla VM as well as our production server.  I have also tried the December SharePoint cumulative updates but I get the same issue.

I have raised a support call with Microsoft and will update this blog post in due course.


Apparently this is normal behaviour as Project Server works differently to how you might think it should based on the mindset of how SharePoint works.  However, instead of modifying the navigation in the normal SharePoint manner you need to use the “Quick Launch” setting in “Server Settings”.  To stop subsites from showing remove the tick from