The People Matches web part in SharePoint 2010 defaults to a sort order that you may not find intuitive.  So in order to change it to something more user friendly you will need to edit the web part and modify the XSL.

  • Edit the People Matches web part
  • Expand Display Properties
  • Click on the XSL Editor button
  • I would recommend you select all of the text and paste into Notepad etc as a backup
  • Locate the section that starts <xsl:template match=”/”>
  • Below the line that reads <xsl:for-each select=”$results”> add the following line … <xsl:sort data-type=”text” order=”ascending” select=”preferredname”/>
  • You can change the sort field (preferredname) for another should you so desire – dont forget to change the data type if the field you choose is not text
  • Save the XSL and apply the changes
  • When you now do a search and see the results page that includes the People Matches web part you should see people showing in the order you have set

Hope this helps some people out.