So, if you have ever thought you did not need certain profile properties in SharePoint 2010 and decided to delete them you may find that some things no longer work as expected.

The properties you SHOULD NOT delete all have internal names starting with “SPS-“.  So if you deleted SPS-Location for instance, you may find your People Matches web part on the search results page no longer works.  You will also find the Profile pages no longer load.

There is a way to rectify this though and you need to start by following a post at this link which details how to recreate SPS-Location.  If that link no longer exists then the details are bulleted below:

  • Create a new Property with name like “SPSLocation” (leafe the ‘-‘ after ‘SPS’). In this way the propertyname will be accepted. Now just start your SQL-Server Management Studio, select and edit the appropriate record in you profile database. In my case I used the following SQL:
  • Using this SQL to select the appropriate record (Ensure that you only get 1 result-line!!!): SELECT * FROM PropertyList WHERE PropertyName=’SPSLocation’;
  • Using this SQL to edit the appropriate record: UPDATE PropertyList SET PropertyName=’SPS-Location’ WHERE PropertyName=’SPSLocation’;

Now you will still find People Matches does not work, until you add a metadata property and perform a full crawl…

Go to Central Admin, Application Management, Manage Service Applications.

Click on your FAST search query service.

Click on Metadata Properties from the left hand side

Click New Managed Property

Enter BaseOfficeLocation as the Property Name

Add a new mapping to People:SPS-Location(Text)

Leave everything else as is and click OK

Now edit ContentsHidden and add the same mapping

Start a full crawl

when the crawl has finished you should now see People Matches working as it should be.

Note to self – disable propeties, do not delete them!