Found my ideal SharePoint 2010 laptop

Well after a few days of hunting around and researching different laptops I have finally got a laptop that is very capable of running SharePoint 2010.

The Sony F11Z1E is my weapon of choice.  It currently sells for a little under £1300  if you can find one, and the specs are impressive.

It is a quad core (8 threads) with 8GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, and includes a Blu-Ray writer, not to mention an eSata (1.5Gb per second) port, HDMI socket and VGA socket.  There is also an optical out socket and 2 usb sockets.  The list goes on – 1GB (varies to 4GB) Nvidia graphics adapter, ExpressCard, s400, and the usual network port.  The i7 720QM processor works well, and the laptop does not get as hot as some reviewers of other laptops have mentioned for this processor.  When the turbo boost comes in to play the clock speed maxes at 2.8GHz.

Running SharePoint 2010 (plus a Windows Server domain VM) on the laptop using VMWare is extremely fast.

I had looked at alternative laptops prior to this – the Macbook Pro 3Ghz was twice as expensive, and the HP Envy 15 was £1500 but the DVD drive was external.

There are two downsides to the Sony laptop, it weighs 3.4kg and there is no docking station port.  These are not deal breakers though as the laptop makes an ideal desktop replacement.  If you are taking it on the road a lot then the weight might be an issue.  If you can afford it I would go for the new Macbook Pro’s with the i7 processors.